Group of teens viewing mobile phones as they walk down the street.

Sexual predators and child sex traffickers can deceive adults and entire communities. Their grooming process usually involves earning a youth’s TRUST before the TRUTH gets secretly revealed to victims. Learning to recognize unsafe adult behaviors can empower young people to ask for help.

Combating Sexual Exploitation with Education

Combating Sexual Exploitation
with Education

Walking Wise® provides sex trafficking prevention education. Our objective is to teach young people the skills to evaluate who is trustworthy, swiftly identify a potential online threat, and judge when to end something as basic as a conversation or as powerful as a relationship.

Through our 11-part animated video series and the Walking Wise Education Guide, teens and adults will learn the risk factors that increase a child's vulnerability and the indicators that appear when a child falls victim to traffickers.

Sex Trafficking: 42% of Child Victims are Sex Trafficked by a Family Member

Sexual Abuse: 91% of Child Victims are Sexually Abused by Someone they Know & Trust

Mother & Daughter sitting on the sofa viewing a laptop together. This image is meant to represent a parent viewing Walking Wise education videos with their teenager.

Parents & Social

Adults often feel they lack an understanding of how sexual predators groom the youth they target. Investing time to learn about sexual abuse and child sex trafficking is essential for parents, educators, social caregivers, youth leaders, members of the workforce, and our communities.

A photo of high school students leaning against hallway lockers.

Schools & Youth

Conversations about sexual abuse and child trafficking are often delayed because discussions can be challenging to approach and uncomfortable to hold with young people. Parents can also mistakenly believe their children are too young or well-protected for such a sinister offense to invade their child's life.

Young businesswoman viewing laptop. This image is meant to represent a businessperson learning about child sex trafficking prevention by viewing Walking Wise videos.

Business & Community

Business & Community Members

Unfortunately, human traffickers often hide in plain sight, so recognizing the key indicators while on the job or in public places is our first step to stopping this crime. Business and community leaders can help fight sexual crimes against young people by encouraging associates to complete the Walking Wise anti-trafficking training.

Building Anti-Trafficking School Culture

Building Anti-Trafficking
School Culture

The Academy of Forensic Nursing has endorsed our Walking Wise curriculum program. We are partnering to train forensic and school nurses on how to build an anti-trafficking community culture.

Sexual exploitation is a growing threat in all 50 states. As a result, the U.S. Department of Education is guiding school districts to join the effort to stop human traffickers from targeting America’s youth. Enroll your school today!

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